Secondary School Certificate

Secondary School Certificate

AKU-EB's Secondary School Certificate (SSC) provides an excellent foundation for higher secondary studies and beyond. The Certificate is designed to increase students' knowledge and application skills in their chosen subject areas.

Programme Structure
All students are required to sit for at least eight subjects to earn their Secondary School Certificate. Of the eight subjects, five are core and three are electives. All of the eight subjects are taught over a period of two years, and students are examined at the end of each Grade i.e. Grades IX and X. The core subjects that all students are required to undertake are English, Urdu, Mathematics, Pakistan Studies and Islamiyat.

Syllabus Structure
The SSC syllabuses are based on a belief that students learn best in an environment that sets high but realistic expectations. For its syllabuses, AKU-EB follows National Curriculum of Pakistan. These syllabuses can be implemented in schools individually, however, a growing number of schools are choosing to offer them as part of a continuum to AKU-EB's HSSC qualification.

AKU-EB's Grade IX and X syllabuses, offered both in English and Urdu, provide a set of specific Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) which specify what a student is expected to learn in a particular subject. These SLOs summarise the knowledge and understanding essential for all students to succeed during and beyond their classrooms.

Choice of Subjects
To support the needs, interests and aspirations of students, AKU-EB provides a choice of 20 elective subjects at the Secondary School Certificate level. To view the list of subjects offered please visit the syllabus section of this website.

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