SSC Syllabuses

Secondary School Certificate

Syllabus List

In order to equip our candidates with the most up-to-date knowledge and learning experience synchronized with the rapidly changing and competitive world, AKU-EB’s team of subject reviewers and specialists reviews and revises its SSC and HSSC syllabuses every three years. AKU-EB actively listens to its Affiliated Schools throughout this time period and includes their feedback in the revisions. Browse through the SSC syllabuses reviewed and revised in June 2012.


Languages Offered

Science Group
Physics English Urdu
Chemistry English Urdu
Biology English Urdu
Computer Science English
Humanities Group
​Geography​ English Urdu
General Science English Urdu
Computer Science English
Economics English​​​ Urdu​​
​Civics English​​​ Urdu
​History of Pakistan English​​​
​Elements of Home Economics English​​​ Urdu
Food & Nutrition English​​​ Urdu​​​
Art & Model Drawing English​​​
Business Studies English​​
Environmental Studies English
Compulsory Subjects


​English Compulsory English
Urdu Compulsory Urdu
Islamiyat English​​ Urdu ​​
Pakistan Studies English Urdu
Urdu Asan* Urdu
Sindhi* ​Sindhi
​History and Geography of Pakistan**
Ethics*** English​​
Mathematics**** English​ Urdu
​General Mathematics***** English​ Urdu
Additional Subjects
Literature in English English​​
​Commercial Geography English​
​Additional Mathematics English​
Principles of Accounting

*Candidates from Sindh may appear in “Urdu Aasan” in SSC-I and in “Sindhi” in SSC- II examination.

** Foreign students may opt for “History and Geography of Pakistan” in lieu of “Urdu Compulsory” subject to the Board’s approval

*** For non-Muslim candidates only

**** For Science group only

***** For Humanities group only​​​​​​​​