Professional Development

Redefining Educational Standards through Professional Development

The AKU-EB examination system requires active teaching and learning in the classroom and away. To help you create the best learning environment for your students, we have developed a Teachers' Professional Development Programme.

This Programme consists of one day or multi-day workshops and trainings on various topics and are offered throughout the year to all teachers associated with AKU-EB affiliated schools across Pakistan.

The Workshops cover the topics such as teaching srategies as applied to the delivery of AKU-EB syllabuses; teachers’ constructive feedback, learning through social interaction, micro teaching, assessments, portfolio and item preparation, improvement of examination performance and more.

These workshops and trainings play a key role in a teacher's professional development with AKU-EB and beyond. We hope you will take advantage of these opportunities in furthering your teaching expertise.

For more information, and schedule of trainings, please email us at anytime.