Where the Alumni are

Where AKU-EB Alumni are

Annual Alumni Surveys Endorse Value of AKU-EB Certificates 

"Shehzad is a very dedicated student with a passion for learning and trying out new things. He was well prepared for studies at LUMS. I am impressed by his attention to detail in projects. I would rate his creativity and team performance very highly which strongly contributed to an excellent performance in a group project in my class. The findings of that project were implemented at LUMS and resulted in savings of more than a million rupees every month in operational costs. This achievement was published in the campus newsletter as well as in student research project section of annual research report." 

These were the remarks of Dr Naiman Jalil, Assistant Professor at LUMS when we talked to him about our how our alumni were performing at the University. Shehzad Ali is currently pursuing B.A.-LLB at LUMS. 

Our alumni make us proud - proving with their performance in higher studies as they leave AKU-EB being well-prepared for the advancing and challenging education opportunities. Our alumni are known for their conceptual understanding of subjects as well as for the soft skill set they bring to the universities such as critical thinking, leadership, and communication. They are known to perform well against competitors both nationally and internationally

Every year, our alumni secure admissions into renowned colleges and universities across Pakistan and abroad pursuing diverse disciplines. We find this out through our annual University Destination Survey.  

Conducted via telephone and emails, the Survey of 2012-13 HSSC cohort reflected the impact of AKU-EB’s mission through the success of its alumni, endorsing the growing currency, popularity and value of its Certificates across Pakistan and abroad.

AKU-EB was able to reach 81.5 per cent of its HSSC Part II (Part I not included) cohort graduating in 2012. Of these, 86 per cent candidates gained admissions into the institutions of higher education among which 3.32 per cent were those gaining admissions abroad. 

Alumni were very articulate and confident in communicating their experience and expectations with AKU-EB. The highlight of the Survey turned out to be a common theme that almost 90 per cent of the alumni talked about: AKU-EB’s help in instilling the skills necessary to be successful at the higher education level. Among these skills, 65 per cent listed critical thinking, communication, presentation and research skills with a habit of independent learning to be at the top.

The Survey was simultaneously supported by a supplementary poll on Facebook which revealed interesting AKU-EB brand personality traits with 232 friends voting highest for traits such as Innovative and Forward Thinker, Efficient and Organised, and Reliable.

Another highlight of this year’s Survey was admissions to top 180 institutions in Pakistan with an increase of 35 institutions from last year. Candidates are now studying at 48 top universities internationally. Some of these institutions are highly renowned for their academic excellence such as University of Toronto, Canada; University of Texas, USA; Loyola University, Chicago, USA; University of Huddersfield, UK; Simon Fraser University, Canada etc. View a detailed list of International Placements here.

One of our alumni, Aleena Khan pursuing B.A. Honours in Criminology at the University of Toronto, shared her experience from abraod saying,
"I always dreamt about studying abroad, experience new things and learn through the different teaching methods that foreign universities applied. So I always worked hard to maintain my grades and chose AKU-EB owing to its fair marking and excellent teaching techniques. I was extremely excited when I was accepted at the University of Toronto, Canada, considered among the top 20 universities in the world and number one in Canada.
“I find the study pattern here to be very similar to how it was with AKU-EB. Everything is thorough and concept based and tests are all based on MCQs and CRQs so there are no short cuts. We are given essay assignments with a word limit and we can’t plagiarize. We have to do a lot of research, too especially in the field I am pursuing i.e. Criminology.”
Even nationally, alumni have landed in Pakistan’s much sought after universities such as NED University of Engineering and Technology; Lahore University of Management Sciences; King Edward Medical University; Dow University of Health Sciences; Aga Khan University etc. View a detailed list of National Placements here. 

For more information, please email us at examination.board@aku.edu