Meet Position Holders & Alumni

Meet Position Holders & Alumni:

Students Prepared for the Next Step in their Education

The certificates our candidates earn through AKU-EB are of a high value. They reflect the sound conceptual-based learning through an innovative education system that encourages critical thinking and reasoning skills. This gives AKU-EB a unique  edge over other local boards.

AKU-EB qualifications are endorsed by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan, and are recognised by colleges and universities across Pakistan and beyond. So as an AKU-EB graduate, you will be granted full credit of all courses and no equivalency will be required for further admissions into institutions of higher education.

The quality of learning through AKU-EB's assessment system puts our graduates ahead in competition at leading institutions across Pakistan and abroad in the diverse disciplines including Medicine, Nursing, Engineering, IT, Business & Commerce, and Arts & Humanities. Find out more about where our graduates have gone to study further and how they think the AKU-EB assessment system is helping them with higher level studies. Read their success stories in our High Achievers Awards Booklets and Reflections Handbook.

You may meet our position holders through the links provided on the right side of the page. Their comments will reveal what helped them reach excellence at a level where they are today.