Syllabi and Recommended Books

Syllabi and Recommended Books


AKU-EB discourages detailed memorisation of text books  - also understood as Rote Learning - instead conceptual and understanding-based learning of the topics is encouraged. This method of teaching gives much importance to what the child has learned from the external environment such as family conversations,  interaction with friends, the wider community and from newspapers and television.

AKU-EB syllabuses are based on the Pakistani National Curriculum and are offered in both English and Urdu. Our approach is unique in many ways; syllabuses include Specific Learning Objectives (SLO's), assessment schemes and teaching strategies. This approach helps regulate and standardise teaching at our Affiliated Schools.

The syllabuses can be implemented in schools individually, however a growing number of schools are choosing to offer them as part of a continuum to other AKU-EB qualifications.

Here you can learn more about the SSC and HSSC programme structureas well as our Middle School Programme​.

Check out the list of our syllabuses and Schemes of Studies to learn more.

List of Recommended and Reference Books for IX-X

List of Recommended and Reference Books for XI-XII

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