Joining AKU-EB

Joining AKU-EB 

With a mission to help improve the quality of education in Pakistan,  AKU-EB strives to bring innovative learning, teaching and assessment practices in the classrooms. 

You may join AKU-EB's mission in many different ways:

Join us by enrolling as a Candidate through an Affiliated School
Join us as a Private Candidate
Join us as a Full Time Employee
Join us as a Temporary Staff
Join us as a Donor  to support our cause
Join us as a Volunteer/Intern
Join us on Facebook

If you are interested in any of the above, or have questions, please email us at

Looking forward to your partnership.

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"AKU-EB is a
true for students.
No need to
memorize; no
need to decorate
your work or filling pages and pages.
It focuses more on the application of
the concepts ..." Syed Wahaj Ahmed,
Shahwilayat Public
School, 1st
Position in SSC 2012.