Examination Processing Services

Examination Processing Services

As part of our mission to extend the benefits of our expertise to the larger community, AKU-EB has provided tailored examination and assessment services to professional organisations other than schools and colleges such as the Punjab Education Foundation (PEF), Sindh Education Foundation (SEF), the Institute of Bankers Pakistan (IBP), Institute of Business Administration, Sukkur, and Daanish School System.

Services to these professional organisations were custom designed to meet their requirements. The services ranged from Baseline Studies*; professional development trainings for staff on testing and assessment; design and construction of test papers; e-marking of candidate scripts, to providing statistical analysis and reporting of candidates' performance etc. 

Our assessment reports serve as a guideline for these institutions and can be utilized to help improve the quality of teaching and learning in their classrooms, as well as enhance instructor performance at their workplaces.

*In the education sector, a Baseline Study helps to analyse the current level and characteristics of knowledge in a group of students or teachers. The Study helps identify specific needs of the given population before a particular program or initiative is implemented to address those needs.

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