Unique Features

AKU-EB's Unique Features


AKU-EB is at the leading edge of innovations in assessment techniques and technology. It is unique among other boards in Pakistan as well as most countries because it has a clear and explicit school improvement mission. Traditionally examination boards serve in an “evaluation” or “certification” capacity only whereas AKU-EB takes it a step forward. AKU-EB envisions to improving the quality of education in Pakistan. It achieves this by making examinations of reputable standard more accessible to Pakistani students so that AKU-EB qualifications are increasingly valued by leading higher education institutions in Pakistan and abroad.

Here is a snap shot of our unique features:

  • Use of e-Marking to access Multiple Choice Questions, Constructed Response Questions and Extended Response Questions 

  • Strong emphasis on conceptual understanding instead of rote memorisation

  • Listening skills tested in all language examinations

  • Comprehensive Teachers' Professional Development Programme

  • Supplementary learning materials both for students and teachers are available

  • Results announced within six weeks

  • No equivalency required

  • Recognition by all colleges and universities

  • High quality examinations at a reasonable fee

AKU-EB is intended to serve as a model of internationally recognized good practice in order to enhance the country's capacity for educational assessment and tests, and therefore to improve the quality of education in schools as well as in the national universities.