Innovative e-Marking System

Innovative e-Marking System

Empowering Students to Achieve their Goals

In our efforts to improve the standard of teaching and learning in the classrooms, AKU-EB is committed to maintain a high level of integrity, transparency and confidentiality in examination and preparing the examination results. We aim to empower students to achieve their goals by being assessed through a system which ensures that they get what they truly deserve. To make this happen, AKU-EB launched a sophisticated computer marking and data analysis system in 2006 to support our unique style of examining. 

How Does e-Marking Work?

The highlight of our e-Marking system is the anonymity of any candidate to the e-markers so that the maximum level of transparency could be attained. The process starts with all examination answer booklets being scanned into an electronic archive. The electronic copies are split into their component sub-questions and items. These separated images of each candidate’s hand-written answer to a specific question are then called up to the screen routing to a specific marking team. Each team consists of a senior examiner and six assistant examiners specializing in the evaluation of responses to the specific question guided by a context-specific and particularized marking scheme which is always available on their screens.

However, Multiple Choice Question responses are separately scored and verified on Optical Mark Reader (OMR) sheets at a very high speed. The two sets of data (MCQs and Descriptive) are then combined electronically ensuring no errors of addition are made.

Throughout the whole process, the candidate cannot be identified. All marking is of anonymous responses; maximum security, accuracy and speed. To take it a step further, the results are confidentially announced only through the website.

The data analysis feature of this sophisticated system allows subject teachers, school principals, educational administrators, and AKU-EB itself to receive tailored reports that help in planning and monitoring gradual improvements in achievement from year to year.

Benefits of Our Unique e-Marking System:

  • Promotes integrity and reliability of the marking process: by limiting the number of questions each marker marks, providing markers with marking hints;
  • Counteracts impersonation, cheating, and the use of unfair means: by giving students the benefit of seven or eight independent expert evaluations of their work in each subject, eliminating almost all types of marking biases that can occur with a single person reviewing the entire paper;
  • Reduces marker error to less than 2%: by allowing real time statistical monitoring of each individual marker’s standards by senior markers who are responsible for final review and verification of marks assigned by the team of markers;
  • Enables students to meet most college and university admission deadlines: by speedy and on-time release of results. Both SSC and HSSC results are announced within six weeks of the exams;
  • Empowers schools to improve their teaching practices, and student learning outcomes: by generating diagnostic feedback reports to schools, colleges, teachers and developers of learning materials. Having a fully computerized system - from registration to confidential and online release of results - provides an added advantage to the Board to statistically report on the performance of each candidate, question by question, school by school. AKU-EB provides each school an annual Your School’s Performance Report containing the subject-wise performance indicators for questions and subject content . We also provide various graphical and tabulated comparisons of student's performances to facilitate schools in improving their results and teaching practices. Teachers and AKU-EB itself are thus enabled to plan for and see gradual improvements from year to year. These analyses of candidate and school performance also provide an objective basis for establishing explicit and transparent standards of achievements for SSC and HSSC grades.



"... conceptual learning, unique paper pattern and e-marking are AKU-EB's biggest strengths ...  e-marking is fair and I was satisfied with my result.

I am also happy that  there is no corruption and the results were announced so quickly so that we don't miss any admission deadlines ... "

Muzammil Raza - B.S Computer Science student at FAST, Karachi