AKU-EB in the Community

AKU-EB in the Community

Live Broadcasts of Laat Sessions End:  Complete Tutorials Now Available on DVD​

​“There was despair and helplessness (due to flooding) but I never felt discouraged by the lack of material resources,” said Abro. “I was steadily continuing my work … I only understood it (chapters on logarithms) on Laat  properly …”

Saqib Abro’s managed to still keep up with his Matric syllabus by watching live educational broadcasts of Laat - Endeavour for Change conducted by AKU-EB on Kawsish Television Network (KTN) after his school was shut down for more than five months due to flooding in tehsil Warah in Kambar. Read full story.

Pioneering a unique instructional method in Pakistan, AKU-EB had entered into a partnership with KTN in December 2009 to provide learning support broadcasts in remote areas where quality education was less readily accessible..

Beginning in April 2010, the live broadcasts of Laat - Endeavour for Change offered an innovative teaching and learning experience in five SSC subjects: English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology using a Promethean ActivBoard*. The ActivBoard was installed both at AKU-EB and KTN's studio making the broadcasts even more interesting for the young students. After completing two years of successful tutoring in five SSC subjects, these broadcasts ended in March 2012. To extend the benefit even further, we are offering all programmes on DVD. You can now order your own copies.

The instructional support was grounded in the National Curriculum and was of value to all those involved in the teaching and learning of these subjects at the secondary school level. The broadcasts were intended to enhance the teaching of certain key syllabus areas and topics while encouraging critical thinking. This method created interest and clarity around the topics being taught.

*The ActivBoard uses what is known as an electromagnetic surface, where the pen is sensed by a magnetic mesh of wires embedded in the surface of the board. Compared to other types of IWB technologies this electromagnetic type of board provides for more accurate details and more precise control of the cursor on the screen.

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AKU-EB facilitates implementation of standards-referenced assessment in 2060 government schools in rural Sindh and Balochistan

Aga Khan University Examination Board reached a new milestone in its work with the ED-Links: Link to Learning project aimed at improving the quality of education in rural Sindh and Balochistan. With the objective also of decreasing social stratification in society through the provision of quality assessment in these rural areas, AKU-EB's emphasis has been on introducing standards-referenced examinations where previously they were nonexistent.

Standards are defined by Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) - what a child should know and be able to do after any given lesson; these SLOs were presented in Pakistan with the National Curriculum prescribed by the Ministry of Education for the first time in 2006, following AKU-EB's successful implementation of the practice since its establishment in 2003. The Board's goal has been to encourage assessment according to these standards, creating a benchmark for measuring comparability and fostering consequent improvement through uniform standards for everyone.

It is in this regard that AKU-EB facilitated exam development workshops in 14 districts in Sindh and Balochistan with the development of 162 standards-referenced exam papers for Grade 6, 7 and 8 in English, Math and Science by teachers. The exams were conducted by the district Education Offices in 1900 schools in 10 districts in Sindh and 160 schools in 4 districts in Balochistan.

In addition to facilitating the development of examination papers in these areas, AKU-EB conducted 42 marking workshops, followed by the processing and distribution of feedback reports to over 550 schools of their students' examination results. Feedback also went to district education offices and teacher training institutes where planning is ongoing on a larger scale for preparing schools, teachers and other professionals for standards-referenced learning and assessment.